Sound Production

Our sound design is customized and tailored to your requirements. Whether you need individual sound effects or help restoring your recordings we have the knowledge to solve your specific sound problem quickly and thoroughly.

> Recording and editing of sound effects and dialogue

> Sound Design in the following categories:

  • Computer and Mobile Games
  • Film and Televison
  • Commercials and Trailers
  • Radio Productions
  • Theatre
  • Sound Installations

Stereo or 5.1 surround mastring

> Restoration and noise reduction of digital audio files

> Conversion of various audio formats

> Implementation in game engines


We also offers services in music production. Are you perhaps working on the next hit but feel you lack that little extra something? Let us mix your work to perfection. Do you need your instrument professionally recorded? We can for example record acoustic guitars and create affordable arrangements for radio commercials. We can help with the following.

> Final mix of music productions

> Royalty free music productions

Recording and editing of instruments and vocals


EAR - process


All project information is collected and scrutinized


Researching and building a structure of the project’s work process


Creativity flows and the audio experience is like a work of art built up bit by bit


We hold regular meetings and encourage communication to ensure a perfect final product


The project is refined and processed to perfection to finally be labeled extremely good

At the beginning of a project it’s very important to gather all possible information so that both parties share the same vision of the project. The more information we have the easier it is to create a quote and you, the client can easily determine where our focus should lie. We can work quickly and effectively and avoid misunderstandings.

Planning and organizing are something we take very seriously. We make it easy for the client to see what is done, what we’re working on at the moment and what’s going to be done. The ‘create’ stage is, of course, the most enjoyable stage for our profession, to craft something that makes the viewer believe the sound is authentic and grows organically from the image is something we love to do.

Constructive criticism is important after many hours of listening and we appreciate regular meetings with our clients to hear fresh new ideas which help us to fully grasp your vision for the project.

At the final stage the product is refined to perfection and adapted to suit the desired system, ranging from mobile phone speaker to cinemas.