Sanctum 2


Client: Coffee Stain Studios

Responsibilities: ,

Sanctum 2 is a FPS / Tower Defense game that came out on May 15th 2013 on PC and Xbox 360 and will be released shortly on PS3.

Coffee Stain Studios tasked us with giving the entire Sanctum Universe a suitable sound world, the creation of which we embarked on the utmost seriousness. We started to make inquiries about the world in which the Sanctum 2 adventure unfolds to enable us to create sounds which most accurately identified with the different environments. Our vision is that every weapon, enemy and object should have a unique sound associated with the incomparable world of Sanctum 2.

GameSkinny had this to say about the sound:

“The sound, however, is spot on. there’s good ambient background noise that makes you feel as if you are in a tense situation, while exuding an overall sci-fi feel. It’s perfect backdrop noise to shooting up a bunch of aliens that are trying to blow up your cores. The gun sound effects are great. They sound very sci-fi and help give a much more visceral feel to each weapon.  There is also voice acting for each character.”

Learn more about our work on Sanctum 2 at Coffee Stain Studios website:

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