This was our first major project.

We collaborated with the University of Skövde and Karlsborg Tourism to create a game that could be played on site at the new tour of The Fortress of Karlsborg. For this unique gaming environment, we had to create sounds that worked in 14 separate speakers mounted in J -Dome stations.

The work consisted primarily of recording, editing , and implementation of sound and dialogue into the game engine Unity. The music was created by Jacob Lincke but we had the responsibility of cutting the music so it fit perfectly into the game events . Beside all the dialogues for the game , we were also responsible for other dialogues that would be played in other parts of the tour. The speakers playing the dialogues are positioned in the room of Baltzar von Platen’s room and in Bulta-Maja’s tavern at The Fortress of Karlsborg.

When the new tour launched we also worked as technicians at The Fortress of Karlsborg to ensure that the game worked as it should . The new tour was a success and transformed The Fortress of Karlsborg to an exciting adventure for the whole family. We are proud to be part of that success.

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